Since its inception nearly a century ago, Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport has been the region’s premier business airport, providing travelers with safe, enjoyable and hassle-free transportation.

1927:  City Manager William R. Hopkins announces the idea of a lakefront airport as part of larger vision for the city of Cleveland.

1946:  Mayor Burke makes the creation of “landing places for land and amphibious planes” part of the city’s “Official Lakefront Development Plan”.

1947:  Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport celebrates its grand opening, becoming the first downtown airport in the United State.

1950:  Burke receives a generous grant from the Federal Airport Act spawning a period of growth and redevelopment for the airport that will span decades.

1957:  Burke replaces its original 2,000-foot dirt runway with a 5,200 foot hard-surface runway.

1957-1968:  The first terminal, concourses and control tower are constructed.

1970-1979:  Burke expands with new buildings, a new control tower, an additional runway and Cleveland’s first and only Aviation High School (currently closed).

1993:  The main terminal of the airport is renovated to handle airline and air charter service.

1997:  Burke celebrates its 50th anniversary while hosting the Cleveland Air Show. A Navy Blue Angel and Army Thunderbird are dedicated at Aviation Heritage Plaza and plaques are installed to commemorate the contributions of Clevelanders to aviation history.

1998:  Rehabilitation of the larger runway is completed and an instrument landing system is installed to allow planes safer conditions to land in poor weather.

2007-2008:  Parallel Taxiway G and a portion of the General Aviation ramp is overlayed.

2012:  In front of Air Force One and nearly 12,000 spectators, President Barack Obama holds a rally on the Burke tarmac as part of his election campaign

2013: Relocated and extended runways. 

2014: Added LED bollard lighting to front of terminal.

2015: Resurfaced terminal roadway.  New LED ramp lighting added.

2016: New Landmark Hangar constructed.