Coronavirus Disease

Taking Responsibility
Currently, our plan here at Burke Lakefront Airport and throughout the Cleveland Airport System involves closely monitoring the actions taken and decisions made by the Governor and the Ohio Department of Health. As businesses (including general office environments, restaurants, etc.) are allowed to open, ODH is providing industry specific guides detailing required/mandatory actions and recommended best practices. These guides are a part of the Ohio Department of Health’s “Responsible Restart Ohio” program and can be found at:

All businesses operating within the airport system will be expected to comply by all state mandates and guidelines. This applies to businesses currently operating and those that will be re-opening when able to, based on the state’s re-opening plan or their own business plans.

Taking Precautions To Reduce The Spread
Our department and all of the businesses operating in the airports are required to adhere to all current state orders or mandates on the use of face coverings. The State of Ohio, under the Ohio Department of Health’s “Director’s Stay Safe Ohio Order,” has mandated that all businesses in the state require their employees to utilize a cloth face covering at all times while in the work space, unless one of six exceptions apply. The order, including specifics about the face coverings and exceptions, is available for your review on the ODH website link above. Customers/clients are not required to utilize them under this order. The airport system is not currently mandating that passengers/visitors utilize a face covering, but individual businesses are able to do so.

Cleaning And Sanitizing
Our cleaning and sanitization efforts will continue and will be re-assessed, especially as business begins to pick up. If a specific area is identified as needing additional attention, then we will take necessary action. Our custodial staff will continue to conduct multiple revolutions throughout the facilities per day and per shift, in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Hand Sanitizing dispensers have been installed in various locations throughout the terminal.

As always, we expect that everyone—employees, passengers, visitors, etc.—utilize preventive actions like hand-washing and cough/sneeze etiquette to help prevent the spread of any illness, not just COVID-19. To help reinforce proper hand-washing techniques, we installed stickers/signs from the Cleveland Dept. of Public Health and had them placed throughout our facilities, in public bathrooms, kitchens, etc.